What can I drag & drop?

Collect things you find around the web! It can either be images, Youtube or Vimeo videos, selected text or links.

Let’s say you’re surfing the web and find a tutorial for a DYI lamp that would look great in your living room. Simply drag&drop it to your Interior folder so you can find it once you are in the mood for crafts. Once you are ready to craft, click on the image saved on your Dragdis and it’ll take you to the website with the tutorial.

How do I drag&drop to the Dragdis sidebar?

After Dragdis extension is installed, simply select the item you want to move and start dragging it. Once you do so, your Dragdis sidebar will pop up automatically on the right hand side of your screen. Select a folder or an app that you want to move the content to and drop it there.
Bam Bada Boom! Easy as that!

If you skipped Dragdis tutorial, but would like to practice a little bit more, you can always do so here: dragdis.com/demo

How do I find all of my drag&drops later?

The easiest way is to click on the Dragdis button on your browser. Your sidebar with all your folders and apps will pop up. Alternativly you can always head straight to dragdis.com

What is a group?

You can group your folders into categories by creating groups for them. Let’s say, your “Interior”, “Neat Typography” and “Tattoo” folders can be grouped into Inspirations group.

To create a new group simply click on the + sign next to your avatar at the top of your sidebar.

Can I change a colour of a group?

You sure can! Hover over a group on your sidebar, click on the settings button and pick any colour you fancy.

Can I change a folder’s icon?

You sure can! Hover over a folder on your sidebar, click on the settings button and pick any item you fancy.

Can other people see my drag&drops?

All your drag&drops are just for you. That is unless you choose to share it with other people. You can either share an individual item or an entire folder.

To share an individual item click on it and copy the link provided on the grey panel on the right hand side. Anyone you share a link with will be able to see the item.

To share an entire folder hover over it on your sidebar and click the share button. Anyone you share a link with will be able to see all content in the folder.

If a website I drag&dropped from goes down, can I still find my content on Dragdis?

All images, texts and GIFs are stored in the Dragdis cloud. So even if a website you discovered these goodies at goes down, we still got you back! When it comes to videos or entire websites, we do have screenshots of the latter to back you up.

How do I delete content I no longer want on my Dragdis?

It’s pretty straightforward. Once on dragdis.com, select an item you no longer want and start dragging it to the red zone that appears at the bottom of the page or you can click the “Delete this item” button from the inside of the page.

Why do I need an extension?

Extension is a little browser program that enables sidebar to appear on any website when you start dragging something. It is in standby mode and doesn’t almost any resources until you start dragging something.

What’s next for Dragdis?

To stay updated with what's happening in our yard you can always follow us here:

How do I get in touch?

Can’t find an answer you need, have a suggestion or just want to say Hello? Drop us a message by clicking on ? at the bottom left corner of your Dragdis homepage.

How can I delete my account?

You can permanently delete your Dragdis account using this link: Delete account